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Finishing Strong - Cut Yourself Some Slack!

Last day of the year and this is what the rumble in the jungle sounds like on many fronts:

“Good riddance – 2019 was just the pits!”

“Worked my butt off but did not reach my goals … sigh...”

“Thank goodness 2020 arrives in hours – another chance to do it right.”

Pressure on all fronts. The daily “Hire me to help you grow your bottom line” emails filling inboxes or Facebook pages for the last six weeks have been relentless, leaving many depressed with a looming sense of failure as the minutes click by till midnight.

Let me play Siri for the rest of the day “Recalibrating” “Recalibrating” “Recalibrating”. Finishing strong is not relegated to your bottom line! I guarantee that you have finished strong in a number of ways this year and it’s time to take stock before you step into a new decade. Rather than thinking forward for the balance of the day, let’s take a look at the areas in our lives that we did something, anything, a bit better than the year before, the day before or the hour before.

I’ve been looking at the vision board that I created for 2019 at the beginning of the year. I do not have $6,000,000 in my retirement account nor do I have a large engagement ring on but, I did dream big! And, I did make it to Peru and Mexico, places I had prominently placed on my board. I hoped to remodel a house but instead remodeled my business, making it simpler and easier to manage. I finished strong in terms of health because I’m actually paying attention to my diet and exercise programs. I worked hard at strengthening family relationships and growing my community of friends resulting in a wonderful holiday season with these anchors in place.

For those of you waiting breathlessly for this year to end, cut yourselves some slack and, let’s have a reality check! The likelihood of January 1st being much different than today is slim. But, you get a do over with each breath you take. You get a do over each morning when you wake up – it doesn’t matter if your week starts on a Wednesday or your first quarter begins mid-February. For your own sanity and well-being, own any areas that you know in your heart that you upped your game. Toast yourself to a job well done and keep that list prominently placed as you wake up to the dawn of 2020.

I tell folks all the time that seasons can be tough, a lot of pressure is put on seasons. I prefer to count the moments. Every moment that you create that gives you a sense of accomplishment and well-being combines with the other moments to define the season. Blessings dear friends. Thank you for all the moments that you shared with me and that uplifted me in 2019. I am stronger for them and excited to walk 2020 with you.

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All rights reserved – Linda Lattimore

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