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A Window of Opportunity

Discrimination is pervasive and is disguised throughout our days so cleverly that often it moves sight unseen, chipping away at the hearts of its victims, changing who they are and who they might have become without its’ presence.Like you, I have witnessed it more times than I care to admit and missed too many other moments that should have been painfully obvious. My first memory of discrimination was as a child of five living in Lima, Peru. Hungry children with grimy faces would surround me with their hands out begging for a sole to take home to their families and the crippled would be left on street corners with a can to fill with coins by days end. They were called “Cholos” and as a kin

One woman is a presence, three is a voice …

Gotta confess … I don’t get it. At one of the most crucial times in our country to advance women into leadership roles, to shift the balance of power in both our government and corporate sectors, our social media feeds are jammed up with pretty little black and white selfies and hashtags suggesting we have accepted some type of challenge, supporting other women (#Challenge Accepted; #WomenSupportingWomen). Yet, few of these pictures reflect any such activity, only lip service. There’s no obvious social bent to get women into board seats or political roles or, advance the financial circumstances of single mothers, teachers or those that are unemployed. For the life of me, I can’t figure ou

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