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ESG [environmental, social, and governance] is no longer just about a philanthropic desire to do good and be a good corporate citizen ... It drops quickly to the bottom line through our investors, customers, and talent pool."


Sustainability has become a strategic imperative for companies as they position themselves for the future. The environmental and social challenges the world faces today are complex, alarming and urgent. The stakes are getting higher. That’s why value-led sustainability is everybody’s business.  Cross Sector Institute (CSI) offers courses (both live and online) to any business interested in growing its social accountability program (see Training Center).

In addition, legal support providers are provided CLE accredited programs in the burgeoning new practice area of social accountability and sustainability.  The classes offer tools to attorneys equipping them to help their clients navigate the often-unchartered waters of sustainability directives, regulations and the general expectations of the marketplace.


Increasing Profits and Social Impact from the Inside Out

The CSI Advantage Consulting Program helps companies bolster their communities by creating and executing on a social impact strategy—building a competitive advantage and driving revenue, recruiting and retaining a more robust and engaged talent pool and, attracting impact investors -  while they make a difference in the world around them.

Our consultants cover issues such as internal and external compliance constraints, new global regulatory reporting requirements, supply chain’s role as the enforcer of social responsibility initiatives, and avenues to fill growing talent needs through compelling employer branding.


Join our tribe of changemakers and companies setting the trend in conscious leadership as we share and collaborate about best practices in the social impact space.

This group of “Solutionaries” challenge conventional wisdom daily for ways they can increase their bottom line while they leave a positive imprint on their communities and the world.




Social Entrepreneur

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