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I have always been a builder bee, digger, remodeler, re-formatter, condenser, get to the point, big picture kind of gal. Sometimes I feel a little bit like Shaun Murphy on The Good Doctor, staring into space, moving things around in my mind until they are “just right.”

A prior boss has said that I have the ability to condense massive amounts of material into two sentences. I have quoted a page number out of a six-inch deposition with attorneys staring at me nonplussed - no clue why I remembered that particular page or line, except that it was relevant at the moment.

This ability to distill and avoid the minutia has held me in good stead throughout my career as it has allowed me to arrive at answers quickly and strategically with my clients, saving them boatloads of money. It can be a double edge sword as I can seem brusque or short as I move quickly through this world but, those that know me understand that I am on a mission.

It seems more important than ever, at this very moment in history, to not get caught in the web of misinformation that inundates our lives daily. I have one friend who spends her days reading every piece of “news” that comes her way, in a state of shock and high alert. She has a big dream of the work that she would like to do but, it progresses slowly because of her seat on the sideline of life.

Years ago, I read a quote by Dan Rather which has stayed with me my entire life. He attributed his success to staying focused on his North Star, blinders on to everything that was going on in his periphery, doggedly moving forward, step by step.

I know it's not easy to do, life keeps getting in the way. Fridays can seem like Mondays, three steps forward and two steps backwards, growing task lists and zingers that unexpectedly come our way. It can feel like walking in flypaper but … its progress.

I don’t know what your North Star is. So many people came to me with a lack of clarity, but a hunger to find it, that I wrote Solutionaries. I wanted them to know that they could find work with a higher purpose that would fill both their heart accounts and bank accounts. I also know that it's easy to get lured by the naysayers to the sidelines who give you a safe spot to comment, but not play.

I’m guilty of being affected by their calls to me as well. Last week, I was ready to throw in the towel on the entire social impact (your zone of impact to others) movement. It just seemed like everyone I talked to, every company I met with, was only interested in their individual financial survival. In second place, was the survival of the quality of life that lay ahead for their children and grandchildren. My North Star was behind a cloud and out of sight.

I ate ice cream and binge-watched Netflix and Amazon Prime for three days but this morning I’m writing you and getting ready to give a keynote this evening. I’m drinking coffee out of my “Save the Chubby Unicorn” mug from the San Diego zoo, adjusting my blinders and putting my running shoes back on. There are moments we all feel like unicorns, dancing one way when all the others are moving at a different beat.

I’m on a search for a unicorn crowd of individuals and companies that want to find answers to problems that affect all of us and then act on them quickly. Unicorns that want to create forward thinking programs at their companies for Next Gens, reach into their communities as Solutionaries and, leave our planet better than when they arrived. This tribe of changemakers is growing and actively soliciting new members to walk the path, not stand on the sidelines.

Blinders are a bonus gift.

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