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What do you stand for?

A somewhat daunting question, it sits beside the other two that often trigger retreat mode to even the bravest - “What is your purpose?” and “What is your passion?”

For those clear in their mission, it’s a chance to stand in Joan of Arc shoes letting the world know that they have laser focus and will not be deterred when life gets in the way.

For many, those questions trigger a sense of failure or hollowness. It’s almost as if the idea fairy forgot to sprinkle fairy dust on you and left you empty handed. “Why didn’t I get a purpose?” you silently shout, waiting for the heavens to open and the trumpets to sound.

And you wait. But here is the deal, you have a purpose, in fact you have many. Purpose just means that you have a reason for doing something, an end goal in sight. Further, I’ve never been fond of the word passion as it relates to purpose. After all, it means a barely controllable emotion, sometimes dangerous. What good does that do?

I have found it helpful to think about the things that are meaningful to me, things or circumstances that over time I have assessed value to. I stand in gratitude for the lessons that have revealed these gifts to me and I am inspired to take the next step - to become more engaged with the very thing that garners this feeling. Each and every time that I am open to walking this path, I find myself on a journey of purpose and a meaningful and intentional life. When that purpose is completed, another begins.

To show you my process, I wrote a list of some of things that I believe in:

  • Generosity of spirit

  • Light that fills the darkest corners when we share ours

  • Faith and the knowledge that things always work out

  • Courage that wells up in unexpected ways when we have no choice

  • The collective wisdom of all, alone we know little

  • Patience – we each have a story and it continues to unfold

  • Touch, everyone needs the warmth of another

  • Chances, second chances, third chances … until we feel we have it right

  • A child’s right to celebrate their gifts to mankind

When I look at my list, I am inspired to be more social, both sharing and listening. I am inspired to be involved with nature and to help the next generation. I am open to possibilities that allow me to express the things that mean the most to me.

I share this because so many of you have told me you are feeling flat and a bit stuck. This is the work that we do in our Illuminate masterminds and its profound. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and find a quiet space and reflect. Forget the big questions for a minute and just ask yourself what you believe in.

Write down some thoughts and post them close to your computer or on the refrigerator and read them daily. You are your own North Star and I promise you, much will be revealed to you about your unique and special gifts with your “stand for” statement close by.

Copyright © Linda Lattimore

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Copyright © Linda Lattimore

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