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"Solutionary” or Armchair Quarterback?

Opinions, opinions, opinions and yes, I’m right there voicing mine with everyone else so the pot is calling the kettle black. But, there has to be more than the chatter, the clatter and the endless opinions. I don’t have too many pet peeves but I confess, I get annoyed with the whining about issues or people, in the name of free speech or human rights, which is not followed with some sort of action. Since the fall of last year, perhaps since the beginning of time, there have been polarized viewpoints, finger pointing and a lot of discourse. But, often only a small number of people actually try to do something about the issue that is bothering them. Others honor those people and admire them forgetting that they are really no different than their friends, neighbors and us. Except, for one critical difference – they took action and it started with a step. A tremendous amount of precious energy has been used talking while simultaneously staring at the problem like a deer in the headlights.

Agree, we are suffering from digital overload. You can’t open up the newspaper, turn on the PC, look at the phone or TV without a reminder of how many things there are to fix and how we are running out of time. It’s exhausting, it’s scary and it breeds hopelessness and paralysis. Yet, there is an innate hunger most of us have to help, to find answers and if not for us, for our children. If the task seems daunting, we are reminded by Desmond Tutu’s words that we just need to tackle the problem of eating an elephant “one bite at a time.”

I want to help. I want to celebrate you and the actions you are taking for positive change on our planet. When you voice your efforts (as opposed to just your thoughts), or tell us about others doing amazing things, you inspire us to do the same. I have created a “Solutionaries” Facebook page as a “good news newsletter” with the hope that you will join and become part of this forward-thinking community of changemakers. Please reach out to me if you want me to help you get the word out about your project, if you are looking for volunteers or like-minded spirits to align with. My deepest desire is to help those who are here to bring light to the darkest corners.

And lastly, for those with the desire to leave an impact but don’t know how or where, those who want to work with companies that have the same values and goals, those who want to start a business that has a social purpose or support a non-profit board - I can help and I want to help. It takes a village and we have an amazing group coming together to figure out their piece to the jigsaw puzzle. We need you and we are here for you!

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