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“Education is the ultimate catalyst to an even playing field.”



Kudos to you for understanding the importance of being a responsible and compassionate global citizen!  The spectrum is broad for those that want to help resolve the avalanche of issues we, and the generations to come, are faced with.  You are joining the ranks of other brilliant individuals interested in bringing meaning and purpose to their lives through their work or contribution to other worthwhile causes.  I’m excited to offer you a tapestry of programs that will fill your emotional reservoirs, support hard workers, honor trusting consumers, attract conscious investors and serve your community and the world. 

Track One – Illuminate Small Group Cohorts

Calling all Individuals, from Millennials to Boomers, who hunger to make a difference in the world but aren’t quite sure where to begin.  Enlightening, inspirational and life changing, this course offers online worksheets/community calls/one-on-one time with Linda to cut through a world of information overload


  • Discover the talents, gifts and tools that make you uniquely qualified to lead

  • Present your distinct value proposition (Brand You) to the world with intention

  • Identify compelling issues that drive you to serve and make a difference

  • Find and join your tribe of likeminded “Solutionaries” and changemakers

  • Create an action plan for a life that meets both your financial and emotional needs

  • And More

Track Two – Innovator Business Intensive

Perfectly tailored for Social Entrepreneurs, this series is for visionaries and catalysts for change interested in creating transformational impact.  With solid online content, worksheets and templates, weekly community calls/individual meetings with Linda, social innovators will create businesses with a solid rate of return and offer solutions to the pressing issues of our world. 


  • Clarify the framework and business model for your social enterprise

  • Choose the appropriate business/legal structure for your company

  • Recruit and retain like-minded changemakers in a competitive market

  • Attract long term impact investors who believe and support your vision

  • Understand measuring and reporting tools for maximum impact

  • And More …

Track Three – Social Responsibility Toolkit

A fast-track, deep dive into the world of Social Responsibility for small to medium-size conscious companies who understand the necessity of offering compelling CSR programs to compete more effectively in a values-driven market.  The course includes easy to use checklists, assessments, action plans, community calls/individual time with Linda and her corporate team.  


  • Expand your market share even when price and quality are the same

  • Recruit and retain new generations of workers in impending talent gap

  • Attract impact investors interested in transparent, caring and conscious companies

  • Create signature partnerships and serve your community

  • Structure solid compliance programs and efficient supply chain practices

  • And More

Linda Young, President/CEO,
Catalysts for Innovation, LLC.

“Linda has created an easy, cost effective and streamlined program for companies who understand that getting on the “Social Responsibility Train” is critical to their competitive success in a new world where social responsibility has become the new norm, not the exception. There is nothing quite like this program in the marketplace – vendors should run, not walk! For large corporate supply chains, these programs are a mandate today” 

Alejandro Gorosito,
President of Edward-Alexander

“Working with Linda and the team at Cross Sector Institute has kept me focused and helped me stay true to my vision of creating a product development business that helps my clients bring innovative product ideas from “back of the napkin” to reality. The greatest gift I have discovered has been knowing I can positively impact my community by fulfilling my dream to employ the creativity, experience and skill of people on the Autism Spectrum to bring the ideas to life.” 

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