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Calling all Changemakers, from Millennials to Boomers, who hunger to make a difference in the world but aren’t quite sure where to begin.  Enlightening, inspirational and life changing, this cohort offers online worksheets/community calls/one-on-one time with Linda to cut through a world of information overload

  • Discover the talents, gifts and tools that make you uniquely qualified to lead

  • Present your distinct value proposition (Brand You) to the world with intention

  • Identify compelling issues that drive you to serve and make a difference

  • Find and join your tribe of likeminded “Solutionaries” and changemakers

  • Create an action plan for a life that meets both your financial and emotional needs

  • And More

SPACE IS LIMITED for this is a unique opportunity to join like-minded peers ready to step up and step out as innovative leaders creating meaningful and positive change.

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MODULE ONE - Discovering Natural Aptitude … Your “Other DNA”

DNA is that one of a kind imprint each of us is born with that makes us unlike any other human being on the planet. It’s a marker and an identifier that we had nothing to do with, yet our traits and characteristics are attributed to this unseen stamp. Your persona, however, has another type of DNA born from individual experiences and encounters with others that have left lasting effects on the way you lead your life, navigate the business world and respond to people and situations.


In Module One, you will begin the process of defining your “other” DNA which will allow you to distill your answer into a clear and concise response to anyone’s question “Why You?” With knowledge, comes an authenticity and a clear understanding of your value proposition, one that you will be able to clearly articulate to those you would like to engage with.


MODULE TWO – Presenting Yourself to the World with Intention … Brand YOU

The world has an opinion about everyone and everything, it’s a normal part of life. Your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t around. What can you do to ensure that you create a lasting and positive impression as you interact with others and to influence them to recognize the greatness within you? Just like successful companies, by strengthening and living your "brand."


In Module Two, you will take your “value proposition” and begin to reflect on how you show up in the world. Whether you are trying to set yourself apart from your competitors, attract great clients, be the job candidate most in demand or a respected role model, it’s critical that the decision makers know exactly who you are and what you bring to the table. You will map out ways that you can “live your brand” every day, creating positive and lasting impressions in your personal and business life.

MODULE THREE -  Visualizing Possibilities with You as an Architect for Change!

Every day, we are barraged with information about some of the world’s most pressing issues.  It can be overwhelming and difficult to imagine ways that we can personally contribute to fixing them.  But, we each have an important piece to the jigsaw puzzle of life and each of us are needed to contribute our special gifts to find solutions.


In Module Three, you will identify issues that call to you and connect the dots as to why they resonate with you.  You will use a hopeful imagination supported by other like-minded Solutionaries and innovative thinkers to dream of ways that problems that bother you can be a thing of the past.  All things are possible when the collective mind comes together!


MODULE FOUR – Imagining, Finding and Engaging Your Tribe

Many people and organizations are stepping up to the plate with one common cause, to scale solutions to societal problems.  The lines between the sectors (citizen, for profit, not for profit and government) are merging as we come together to find answers.  How do you fit in?  How can you help?


In Module Four, you will begin the search for individuals and organizations that have the same vision and dream that you do, a tribe invested and committed to finding a solution for the problem that you most wish was a thing of the past.   With a unique set of skills and talents, you will begin to identify where and how can you participate.  The world needs your special gifts!

MODULE FIVE - Aligning your values to ensure success with “ValueMatch”

The tribe of changemakers you have identified is probably a pretty good size. To ensure that you are a good match you will want to make sure that not only do your interests, talents, and skills align but also your values.  The chances of long-term success in any partnership or working relationship are increased when the partners’ values support and complement each other.  


Module Five provides an additional filtering process that will enable you to take the information that you have accumulated to date and hone in on the organizations that you are best suited to serve.  Or, if you are an entrepreneur, to ensure that the stakeholders you have chosen to partner with have values in line with yours.


Route A:  If you are seeking employment, you will take a look at companies in your own industry or space of interest that best reflect the values that are important to you.  


Route B:  If you are an employer, you will develop your values statement and outline ways that you can exemplify your values in your Employer Brand to attract and retain Next Gen employees with similar values.  


MODULE SIX -  Your Journey, Your Legacy

Finally, what’s next?  Will you start a business to address a gap that you believe that you can fill?  Will you join a company that you support and can rally with enthusiasm, waking up each day knowing that you are receiving emotional dollars as well as financial remuneration?  Is there a non-profit hungry for your talents?  


In Module Six, you will form a “plan of attack” and create a strategy to have a life with work that gives you a sense of meaning even as you are paid for your efforts.  You will come up with a plan that is manageable and one that you can and will commit to.  Moving forward on this journey will bring you friends and coworkers, adventures, opportunities and rewards in ways that you previously only dreamed of!

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