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Perfectly tailored for Social Entrepreneurs, this series is for visionaries and catalysts for change interested in creating transformational impact.  With solid online content, worksheets and templates, weekly community calls/individual meetings with Linda, social innovators will create businesses with a solid rate of return and offer solutions to the pressing issues of our world. 

  • Clarify the framework and business model for your social enterprise

  • Choose the appropriate business/legal structure for your company

  • Recruit and retain like-minded changemakers in a competitive market

  • Attract long term impact investors who believe and support your vision

  • Understand measuring and reporting tools for maximum impact

  • And More …

SPACE IS LIMITED for this is a unique opportunity to join like-minded peers ready to step up and step out as innovative leaders creating meaningful and positive change.

For more information about the intensive click here


MODULE ONE – Defining Your Framework and Foundation 

Before you can create a vibrant social enterprise or social purpose company you must be clear on your company’s framework and core tenets as a values-based business and the community it affects.  And, you must have a clear understanding of the value your product or service brings to the world as a global citizen and respected business partner and how to articulate it.


In Module One, you will begin the process of reviewing your vision, mission and values statements to ensure they work as a well synchronized set as you may define success differently for your Social Purpose Company (SPC) than traditional organizations.  You will identify your team and their roles moving your project forward and get clarity about the people or groups with the power to change the strategic future of your company, positively or negatively, your stakeholders.


MODULE TWO – Developing Your Business Model


Without a strong business model, there is no business.  Without a sustainable business there can be no sustainable social impact.  It’s important for a social enterprise to have business saavy and passion!    


In Module Two, we will discuss your business plan and step by step roadmap for success. You will define your business/financial model, the beneficiaries you serve and their engagement with you, your layers of impact (internal and external) and important alignment partners.  Having the right tools in your toolbox will give you the leverage you need to succeed.


MODULE THREE – Choosing the Right Structure for Your SPC


Deciding on the proper legal structure, the container, for your new venture must be carefully thought out.  Many states now offer new corporate entities called Benefit corporations or other social purpose corporations.  Is a non-profit the way to go or some sort of hybrid structure?  Should you consider obtaining relevant certifications such as B corp, WBE, etc.?


In Module Three, we will look at the characteristics of the optimum board for your business, one that supports your vision and business goals.  We will then review various types of legal structures and/or certifications to determine one(s) that might be a good fit for your business.  Finally, we will study ways that you can avoid mission drift, one of the biggest pitfalls of businesses walking the balance beam between mission based and profit based businesses.


MODULE FOUR – Recruiting and Retaining other “Solutionaries”

Millennials will equal 50% of the work force by 2020 and employers need to carefully study the most effective way to compete and retain workers in a looming talent gap.  The Next Gens expect companies to promote equality, a green environment and participate in the resolution of some of the world’s most pressing issues.  And, they demand transparency and inspiration from their management who must “walk the talk.”   But, like others, they need the security of a sustainable business. 

In Module Four, we will focus on one of the most critical parts of your business, your human capital and employee base.  We will discuss new recruiting/retention tools and the importance of a strong employer brand and culture of innovation.  We will also look at some of the challenges your employees will face as they navigate the line between a mission driven business and one focused on bottom line.


MODULE FIVE – Increasing Investor Value

Fostering investor confidence through effective compliance programs, a strong business plan coupled with a goal to tackle problems that should be a thing of the past will attract impact investors who are as interested in the impact of their funds as the return on their investments.  These investors expect companies to do good and do well.

In Module Five, we will look at sources of impact investor funds (i.e. crowdfunding, social venture funds and networks, community reinvestment funds, grants, debt/equity etc.) and review ways that you can prepare your organization to attract investors interested in sustainable and cause driven businesses.

MODULE SIX – Measuring and Reporting Tools for Maximum Impact


Running your social enterprise as a business requires a level of responsibility to investors who have placed their funds with you hoping for a healthy return on their investment even as the funds are used for worthwhile projects.  You should be able to clearly answer “who” the beneficiaries of your programs are and “why” they need your programs, “how” investor funds will be used, “when” you expect them to materialize the intended impact and “what” the results are. 

In Module Six, we will review ways to measure impact and why this is a critical tool you need to have in place before you start an initiative.    Without data, how can you report?  Is your finance department reporting out triple bottom line impact?  Is your supply chain requiring initiatives and reports from vendors in procurement agreements?  Some reports will be formal and external for necessary certifications, others are industry/government related or investor required.  Some are internal to your board or employee base.   All require thoughtful planning and systems for maximum impact.

For more information about the intensive click here



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