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flying high, coming full circle, stronger than ever!
OCTOBER 28th, 2017 I Austin, Texas

Boomers are not just flying off into the sunset as generations before at the end of a career. Rather, they are looking at an encore career combining purpose, social impact and a paycheck.


The Woman’s Way

NOVEMBER 10th, 2017 I Austin, Texas

Join Linda on November 10th when she speaks at the Texas Capital to the Austin Woman's Federated Club about Sustainable Leadership – the Women’s Way. Women have been consensus building for years and teaching values with a genuine interest in ensuring the future of new generations. This special monthly luncheon will honor AWFC's past and open the door to a vibrant future with continued volunteerism in civic, arts, education, environmental and community service projects.

Passionate About Inspiring Others

“What has become abundantly clear is that the government sector is ill equipped in finding consensus and resolutions to move the needle and our non-profit sector may not have the manpower, funds or business acumen to address the massive global inequities and jarring problems facing our planet.  A socially responsible business sector must step in as an active participant in cross sector partnerships to get the job done.  We must all be solutionaries and global thought leaders!”  Linda Lattimore



Social Entrepreneur

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