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 From purpose to profit, doing well by doing good!

Does your job feel mundane, unimportant or unrewarding?

Do you feel helpless with mounting global problems, wondering if your voice counts?

Do you hunger to find your tribe and impact the world in a positive way?



Whether you are a Millennial born to serve but short on business skills and funding or a Boomer who has walked a corporate path with a desire to leave a legacy, this intensive will be enlightening, inspirational and life changing. The Clarity Counsel Intensive cuts through a world of information overload giving you the opportunity to:

  • Discover the talents, gifts and tools that make you uniquely qualified to lead;

  • Present your distinct value proposition (Brand You) to the world with intention;

  • Identify compelling issues that drive you to serve and make a difference;

  • Find and join your tribe of likeminded “solutionaries” and changemakers;

  • Create an action plan for a life that meets both your financial and emotional needs.

SPACE IS LIMITED for this is a unique opportunity to join like-minded peers ready to step up and step out as innovative leaders creating meaningful and positive change.



PART 1 - Discovering Natural Aptitude … Your “Other DNA”


Your persona, has another type of DNA born from individual experiences and encounters with others that have left lasting effects on the way you lead your life and navigate the business world.  In Step 1, you will gain a clear understanding of your value proposition.  With knowledge, comes an authenticity and the ability to clearly articulate the qualities you bring to your team and your customers or as a candidate for employment.


PART 2 – Presenting Yourself to the World with Intention – Brand You

Your brand is the opinion others have about you and how they express it when you aren’t around.  In Step 2, you will take the special qualities and skills you discovered that make up your “value proposition” and begin to quantify your unique personal brand, one that is authentic, believable and genuine.  You will find ways to “live your brand” every day, creating positive and lasting impressions that make an impact in your personal and business life. 


PART 3.  You as an Architect for Change and a “Solutionary”

Every day we are barraged with information about some of the world’s most pressing issues.  It can be overwhelming and difficult to imagine ways that we can personally contribute to a resolution.  In Step 3, you will identify issues that call to you, connect the dots as to why they resonate with you and use a hopeful imagination with a like-minded tribe of Solutionaries and innovative thinkers.  With common interests and goals, all things are possible!


PAET 4.  Your role as a Stakeholder, Partner and Contributor

The lines between the sectors (for profit, not for profit, government and citizen) are blurring as cross sector partnerships are developed, combining talent, financial strength and a common vision for positive change.  In Step 4, you will identify the sector stakeholders invested and committed to finding a solution for the problem that you most wish was a thing of the past.   With a unique set of skills and talents, where and how can you participate?


PART 5.  “ValueAble” – Aligning your values with a company's culture to ensure success.

In Step 5, we will take a look at what sets a value driven business (sole focus on the bottom line) apart from a values driven business.  If your values don’t match the values at your company, it is unlikely that you will be truly happy and that money alone will be the bandage.   You must be "value able" and exercise your personal values to find the right match.  


Track A:  If you are seeking employment, you will take a look at companies in your own industry or space of interest that best reflect the values that are important to you.  


Track B:  If you are an employer, you will develop your values statement and outline ways that you can exemplify your values in your Employer Brand to attract and retain Next Gen employees with similar values.  


PART 6. Your Journey, Your Legacy

Finally, what’s next?  Will you start a business to address a gap that you believe that you can fill?  Will you join a company that you support and can rally with enthusiasm, waking up each day knowing that you are receiving emotional dollars as well as financial remuneration?  Is there a non-profit hungry for your talents?  In this section, you will form a “plan of attack” and outline ways that you can start the process.

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