You can park in the back lot behind our building accessible via Mildred or Pedernales on 2nd St. There is also free horizontal parking in front of the building and any of the street parking on all four street sides surrounding our facility.  




Soma Vida Work / Life Balance and Wellness Center

2324 E. Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX  78702


  • Head South on 35 towards San Antonio

  • Exit 234a:  Holly St./Cesar Chavez St.

  • Stay in left lane and TAKE A LEFT on Cesar Chavez.  You'll go through quite a few lights. The last one you'll go through is Robert T. Martinez Jr.

  • Start looking on left for Juan in a Million Mexican Restaurant on the corner of Mildred Street.  (Soma Vida is just east of it.)  

  • Take a left on Mildred Street, and your first right on 2nd Street.  (If you pass Mildred Street, you can take a left on Pedernales, then a left on 2nd Street to arrive at our parking lot.) 

  • Our parking lot is marked by a turquoise cinder block wall that says 'Soma Vida Parking.'  

  • After parking, walk around the right side of the building, take a left on the sidewalk, and come in the front door. 




For any of your attendees that use public transportation, the closest MetroRail Station is Plaza Saltillo located on 412 Comal Street on the corner of 5th and Comal.  From there folks can: 

WALK:  It is a pleasant one mile walk from Plaza Saltillo south on Comal then left on Second Street to Soma Vida.


BUS:  Catch bus 320 (St. John) or 17 (Cesar Chavez to EdBluestein).  There is a bus station literally outside of our parking

area on Second Street, and one on the corner of Mildred and Pedernales. 


BIKE: There is a B Cycle Station at Plaza Saltillo.  And there is a B Cycle drop off about 100 yards from our back parking lot close to Second Street and Pedernales.   If attendees want to bring their own bike, we have plenty of room for them to securely chain it.