Fall 2017

With the digital overload that screams urgency in our faces every day, it’s hard on many days to feel a sense of joy, much less understand how we can help when the issues seem insurmountable. We are just ordinary people navigating our own daily hurdles.  In the face of crisis after crises, we are often left paralyzed and feeling flat as the problems we witness appear to get closer to our own backyards.

BUT, each of us has an important role, a unique piece to the jigsaw puzzle of life that cannot be completed without our gifts and talents, the most important of which are not always learned through formal education or work experience.  The world needs you and the piece you hold more than ever.

If you hunger to make a difference and are looking to fill your emotional reservoir in addition to your bank account, this workbook is your entrée into a more fulfilling life.  Solutionaries offers you a step-by-step process to help you identify the values and skills you bring to the world based on your own experiences and how they align with the causes that need you the most. The work is enlightening, inspirational and life-changing as you:

  • Compete more effectively with an integrated SR strategy  

  • Attract a vibrant and invested talent pool    

  • Draw a new pool of investors interested in transparent, caring and conscious companies

  • Serve their communities and give back to the world.  


It includes simple and easy to use checklists, assessments, action plans and immediate access with purchase to online downloadable forms and a gateway to other socially conscious businesses who are committed to sharing their wisdom and doing business a better way!



Social Entrepreneur