n. Disruptive innovator; leader supporting a culture of innovation; visionary who challenges conventional wisdom for a better way;

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September 30, 2019

CEOs are stepping into our world of humanity - some warily, some with conviction.  It’s a growing trend thanks to you - employees, consumers and impact investors who are using your voices and your budgets to mold the future of business.  Personally, I’m letting out a huge breath of relief.

It’s become pretty obvious to us all that our legislative process is so fractured that the very issues th...

September 19, 2019

Recently, as I sat with a friend over coffee reviewing our lives, I casually said “I’m in grace.”  What I meant by that was that I stay in gratitude for the blessings that show up in my life and I say thank you … a lot.

I’m grateful for the many friends that support and love me. I’m unbelievably happy that my girls married very special men, have healthy children and work that inspires them.  I give...

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