n. Disruptive innovator; leader supporting a culture of innovation; visionary who challenges conventional wisdom for a better way;

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May 30, 2019

It’s really not a lot of fluff … or mumbo jumbo … or fairy dust.  Yet, it’s a mystery to many. 

For a woman who has spent her entire life as an attorney and business executive in both the business and nonprofit worlds, I’m stumbling.  I’m speaking a new language to many, as foreign as the “legalese” that I had to educate myself out of.  My whole life has been about words and messaging and yet,...

May 16, 2019

I’m not the first person who has scratched my head in complete bewilderment when there are too many cooks in the proverbial kitchen and asked, “Who’s on first?”, “Who is rowing this boat?” or “Who the heck is the decision maker?!”

Where does the buck stop at your place of business, at the organizations you volunteer with, at your children’s school or right at home?  At the end of the day, each of u...

May 2, 2019

The waters are churning with “movements.”  From trends to full bore social activism, a bird’s eye view of our planet would show a swirl of activity, a wobbling on its axis.

Who could have guessed that when the Fifth Dimension sang about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, that today, the destination is more critical than words in a catchy song - “Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abound...

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