n. Disruptive innovator; leader supporting a culture of innovation; visionary who challenges conventional wisdom for a better way;

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January 28, 2019

I have fallen down the internet rabbit hole and feel like Alice in Wonderland.  No matter what I google, I can’t find anything on a particular topic that makes complete sense to me.

As an attorney, I know that a corporation is just a piece of paper with a file stamp and a charter number that is a result of someone filing an application at the Secretary of State’s Office.  Yet somehow, we always tal...

January 17, 2019

Have you taken a moment to review the trends in your industry?  Often, we get complacent and fall back on what we know to be true without revisiting our competition, studying up on exciting new innovations and checking in on aspects of our business that are no longer relevant. But, if you are going to hold yourself out as an expert in, or even part of, an industry, you need to be saavy.

Along those...

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